Cancer Screenings at a Reputable Walk-In Clinic in Eagle River, AK

Cancer screenings, which aim to detect cancer before symptoms manifest, often involve blood tests, urine tests, medical imaging, and other tests. Cancer screenings can help doctors find and treat some kinds of cancer in their early stages. While cancer treatment is generally more effective when the disease is detected early, not all types of cancers have screening tests, and some tests are meant for patients with specific genetic risks. Continue reading


Lake Otis Urgent Care Centers Provide Travel Medicine & Other Services

According to the World Health Organization, more than 900 million people undertake international journeys every year. While global travel exposes many people to a range of health risks, many of these risks can be minimized when precautions are taken before and after traveling. Travel medicine, or emporiatrics, deals with the prevention and management of health problems commonly experienced by international travelers. Continue reading

Ankle Sprains: When to Visit a South Anchorage Urgent Care Center

If there’s one thing that can put sports under a bad light, it’s probably the risks or potential injuries that are usually associated with them. Take ankle sprains, for example, a common type of sports injury that is experienced by 25,000 Americans each day as reported by the American College of Sports Medicine. In fact, ankle sprains are so common that most people won’t need to seek medical attention – but that’s not always the case. Continue reading

Clear Vision: Visiting an Anchorage Walk-in Clinic for an Eye Exam

You don’t need to experience any vision problem before having your eyes checked. Note that the frequency of routine eye exams that one must undergo usually depends on age and the presence of certain conditions. For example, on average, children must receive their first comprehensive eye exam before reaching 3 years of age, and adults (20 to 30 years old) should have an eye exam every two years. Continue reading

Patients May Seek Help from a Lake Otis Walk-In Clinic for Convenience

One of the main reasons why urgent care or walk-in clinics have become the go-to facility for many patients is the convenience they provide. It’s a fact that illnesses can develop at any time, so it’s important that patients can seek medical help even after hours and without having to set an appointment with the clinic. Most of the time, sick people who need urgent help are left with one option: to go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. Continue reading

Stepping Up: Why South Anchorage Urgent Care Providers are Important

The Medicaid program was built to assist financially-challenged families and individuals in different states including Alaska when it comes to receiving health care and medical attention. A recent study conducted by the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine showed that Medicaid patients are seemingly forced to go to emergency rooms (ER) for treatment, for lack of access to more appropriate alternatives. Continue reading