Eagle River Urgent Care—Common Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a common condition that causes pain and numbness in the hand. This happens when the median nerve, which is the nerve responsible for the palm’s sense of touch and the movement of the three largest fingers, is compressed. Compression of the median nerve can cause a number of symptoms, from a slight tingling sensation in the fingers to a sharp pain radiating up the arm. Continue reading


Anchorage Urgent Care Medical Clinic on Handling Workplace Injuries

It might not be apparent, but many perils lurk around the workplace. Employees might crash into glass doors, slip on newly mopped floors, or trip down a flight of stairs, just to name a few disastrous instances. Continue reading

South Anchorage Urgent Care Center: Diagnosing, Treating a Broken Foot

Julius Randle, the Los Angeles Lakers’ first-round draft pick, broke his foot back in 2012. Upon being drafted by the Lakers, team officials expressed concern over his foot, with some saying that it may not have healed properly. Those worries were quelled earlier this month when The Los Angeles Times reported that Randle has been cleared to play, and his followers in Alaska would be happy to know that: Continue reading