Anchorage Urgent Care Tips for Safer and Healthier Plant-Based Diets

Are you thinking of shifting to an entirely plant-based diet? Then you have much to consider. While the habit may be a healthy choice, you need to prepare for the shift and familiarize yourself with the precautions.

Healthy Eating

Education on plant-based diets was actually the highlight of the recently concluded Alaska VegFest 2014 in Anchorage. The program featured talks from health experts and a cooking demonstration on vegan meals. KTVA CBS 11 News further explores the benefits of the dietary regimen:

In an effort to combat health issues like obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer, many people are switching to plant-based diets.

“There are benefits of eating the plants because they’re loaded with antioxidants and phytochemicals that boost our immune system and create health,” she (Delisa Renideo of the Alaska Vegan Society) said.

If you are interested in shifting to a plant-based diet to enjoy the abovementioned benefits, you might want to read through these tips from an Anchorage urgent care clinic to make sure you stay safe and healthy:

Make sure your diet is balanced.

Undergo nutritional counseling, so you can be thoroughly guided on your new diet. You’ll get recommendations on gradually transitioning to a plant-based diet and ensuring you get all the nutrients you need in every meal, every day.

In general, 28 grams of fiber should be incorporated in a 2,000-calorie diet. Consuming more could upset your stomach and cause constipation or diarrhea and bloating. Ask your diet counselor how much you can take, and stick to it. Drink plenty of water as well, since fluids help promote proper digestion.

Wash produce thoroughly before eating.

Don’t eat fresh fruits and vegetables without making sure they are clean and safe to eat. Rinse them thoroughly in clean, cold tap water, and dry them with a clean cloth. Cook vegetables as appropriate, and never take chances on bruised or moldy produce.

Watch out for your allergies!

Make sure you don’t have any allergies that may act up if you eat certain fruits and veggies. People with allergies to pollen or grasses, for instance, usually have cross-reactivity with the plant proteins, especially those in common fibrous produce.

However, if you suddenly develop symptoms or unusual reactions to your diet, consult your urgent care physician. Anchorage, AK urgent care clinics, such as Primary Care Associates, can provide treatment for non-life-threatening conditions, including stomach upsets or irregular bowel movements and mild allergy attacks.

(Source: Alaska VegFest promotes healthy eating, KTVA CBS 11 News, September 1, 2014)


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