Ally with an Anchorage Urgent Care Medical Clinic in Fighting Obesity

Although there’s only one month (September) specifically dedicated to childhood obesity awareness, your family should be mindful of the condition and strive to fight it year-round. The campaigns or activities that organizations and businesses hold in September can be your inspiration in keeping your family fit, active, and healthy.
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Anchorage Urgent Care Tips for Safer and Healthier Plant-Based Diets

Are you thinking of shifting to an entirely plant-based diet? Then you have much to consider. While the habit may be a healthy choice, you need to prepare for the shift and familiarize yourself with the precautions.
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South Anchorage Urgent Care Center: Diagnosing, Treating a Broken Foot

Julius Randle, the Los Angeles Lakers’ first-round draft pick, broke his foot back in 2012. Upon being drafted by the Lakers, team officials expressed concern over his foot, with some saying that it may not have healed properly. Those worries were quelled earlier this month when The Los Angeles Times reported that Randle has been cleared to play, and his followers in Alaska would be happy to know that: Continue reading

Lake Otis’ Walk-In Clinics One with Movement Against Eating Disorders

According to the Renfrew Center Foundation for Eating Disorders, an estimated 24 million Americans suffer from abnormal eating habits. Of those afflicted, 90 percent are females between the ages of 12 and 25. While health establishments, including reputable urgent care centers in Anchorage, AK offer accessible preventive treatments for eating disorders, these illnesses remain fairly common among younger Americans. Continue reading

How a South Anchorage Urgent Care Center Protects the Health of Women

Thanks to the advocacy of various groups worldwide, women are becoming more aware of health issues primarily affecting the female species. However, in today’s society, there is still a lack of awareness about preventive care. Morghan Milagrosa of the Anchorage Press animatedly discusses cervical matters and the implications of regular preventive care to the health of women: Continue reading

Common Sports Injuries Treatable in an Anchorage Urgent Care Center

With its suitable climate, Alaska is a popular locale for winter sports. Battling extreme weather conditions, naturally diverse slopes, and high altitudes, those engaged in these challenging activities are, expectedly, also prone to sports injuries. Writing for The Active Times, Diana Gerstacker sought sports medicine experts Dr. Scott Faucet and Dr. David McAllister for views on common skiing and snowboarding injury. Continue reading